Reverse Auctions DO WORK within the Federal Government

The challenge is ensuring that you and your agency/department maintain control during the procurement process to ensure that proper government purchasing procedures and best practices are being followed when using reverse auctions. The current ‘marketplace’ methodology for conducting reverse auctions limits your control, drives additional costs to you as an agency, and focuses on smaller cost saving solicitations versus larger potential opportunities. Come learn how Procurex has worked with our clients, both government and private, to conduct more than 35,000 sourcing events, managing more than $37Billion in contract value and generating documented savings north of $7Billion.

Top Categories Example

Pharmaceuticals - Saved more than $20Million on a single pharmaceutical reverse auction event!

Prime Vendor Contracts - Procurex has developed both the technology and processes to allow our clients to manage highly complex prime vendor contracts

Salvage Services - Worked with an overseas contract to deliver north of $300,000 in savings on a salvage contract

Machinery Spare Parts - Procurex regularly conducts spare parts auctions that save more than 20% off of traditional pricing

Energy - On average saving between 3-10% on natural gas, electricity and fuel oils!

How is the Procurex Program and Platform Different?

  • Agency pay model vs. supplier pay model
  • No more accrued costs for auctions with only one bidder!
  • Allows you to run as many auctions as you want, including high dollar contracts at no extra cost
  • Your buyers maintain full control of the purchasing process and supplier engagement
  • Reverse Auction processes that allows for conducting reverse auctions aimed at spend amounts above the simplified acquisition threshold (SAT) while still allowing you to run small dollar auctions as well
  • Running larger dollar auctions captures larger savings in the process!
  • World Class Reverse Auction technology with unique features and functionality aimed specifically at delivering the best auction platform to federal government agencies

Ready to Learn More?

To discuss a current Procurex program and how it might fit your agency, or to build a customized program to best fit your agency’s needs, contact us at or by calling us today at 814-806-1917.

U.S General Services Administration

Procurex, through our partnership with Aeon Nexus (a minority owned small business, with SDB 8 (a) status), has become an approved GSA schedule supplier and you can reference our GSA price book information via Aeon Nexus’ GSA ID GS-35F-0238M.

Industries We Serve

EnergyGovernmentHigher EducationGeneral Procurement
“The current fiscal environment, where we have to do more with less, forces DLA and a lot of other folks to be very careful with how we spend public funds. A big chunk of the savings we’re expecting to achieve in the next five years will come from reverse auctions, and Procurex is our reverse auction partner of choice to make this happen,”
- Charles Howerton
Program Director
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)