Higher Education

Reverse Auctions WORK within Higher Education

Process - Procurex works with you throughout the procurement process, helping with specification creation, supplier engagement, training and running the actual auction event. We partner with you to ensure success!

Platform - Combining proven procurement processes with world-class
technology ensures all the required functionality and flexibility is tied
into an easy to use and intuitive platform.

Control - You control the supplier vetting as well as contracting/award

Results - On average saving 18% over traditional sourcing!

Top Category Examples - Higher Education

IT/Hardware - Saved over $530,000 on one computer purchase contract!

Fleet/Buses - Improved specification while cutting $240,000 off of overall bus costs

Managed Print/Copier Services - Saving one client north of $1million on three year managed print contract!

Electrical Supply - More than $200,000 in savings in replacement ballasts alone!

Energy - On average saving between 3-10% on natural gas, electricity and fuel oils!


Having partnered with higher education institutions since 2002, Procurex has managed more than 35,000 reverse auction events and $37,000,000,000+ in contract value through our auction platform! With documented savings north of $7BILLION dollars, Procurex has the experience and world-class technology to deliver results to your institution.


Over 13 years of experience in the higher education space… we understand the challenges of educational procurement and how best to advocate on your behalf and work with your internal clients. It also means that we understand the suppliers who support education and have relationships with them, aiding in your sourcing efforts.

We bring more than just a technology or auction marketplace... we bring trusted procurement consulting expertise to events we work on with you.

Ability to do both General and Energy Procurement Categories... our team and platform have the ability to conduct highly complex auctions across commodities and categories that traditionally require service providers. Procurex is your one partner to manage all of your strategic sourcing needs!

RESULTS! Saving our partners 18% on average!

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To discuss a current Procurex program and how it might fit your institution, or to build a customized program to best fit your institution’s needs contact us at info@procurexinc.com or by calling us today at 814-806-1917.

Procurex is an E&I Competively Bid Contract Partner

Already using E&I cooperative contracts? Wanting to test the reverse auction ‘waters’ by trying out our services? Using the E&I competitively bid contract, you can tap the full suite of Procurex reverse auction tools and resources on an event by event supplier pay basis. No risk to the member institution and guaranteed savings results!

Industries We Serve

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“Procurex worked with us on all aspects of the auction process, from supplier identification and contract review right through to the actual auction. They told us what to expect and took the guess work out of the process. The savings generated opened up other commodity areas for us to pursue. To date, we have completed several auctions, from fleet to office supplies, all resulting in additional savings and better products. Procurex is becoming an extension to
Procurement Services, providing us with an extra set of eyes and expertise as well as real savings.”
- Ron Moraski
Director Procurement Services
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute