Powerful Strategic Sourcing Platform

Procurex's cloud-based, strategic sourcing technology platform is designed to streamline the entire sourcing process and ensure that the buyer obtains the best value and that the best-fit supplier is awarded.

The platform was developed over a period of 12+ years by a team of highly experienced purchasing professionals and offers all of the strategic sourcing tools and capabilities required to conduct simple or complex e-sourcing events for just about any type of product or service imaginable.

Procurex understands that strategic sourcing, and particularly reverse auctions, requires a high level of procurement expertise. And for this reason, our technology is complemented by our dedicated team of knowledgeable procurement specialists that are right there with you every step of the way throughout your procurement project or event.

Procurex offers the following set of strategic sourcing tools to empower the purchasing professional(s) within your organization.

  • e-RFI – Electronic Request for Information

    This tool will enable your organization to build supplier e-surveys which will quickly and efficiently collect all of the required supplier information. Any type of question can be asked with multiple response types to choose. This efficient information gathering method supports strategic sourcing by allowing for the inclusion of both price and non-price data in award decisions. Key qualifications, capabilities, capacity, quality certifications, credentials, experience, and value-add are typical uses of the e-RFI tool.
  • e-RFQ/P – Electronic Request for Quotation or Proposal

    This tool allows the buyer to upload purchase specifications and competitive bid documents for suppliers to download. Suppliers then review the documents in order to provide a quotation or proposal in response. The e-RFQ/P tool allows for buyers to request price quotations from many companies very quickly, without the cost and paperwork that would normally be required.
  • Reverse Auction

    Reverse auctions are one of the most powerful tools that a buyer has to ensure fair competition and to achieve the best available price. Reverse auctions can be used in any situation where clear specifications exist and suppliers are or can be pre-qualified. Often used in conjunction with the e-RFI survey, reverse auctions are a best practice in strategic sourcing. Reverse auctions are a dynamic, real-time negotiation between a purchasing organization and several pre-qualified suppliers competing against one another to win the opportunity to supply goods or services to the purchasing organization. A typical reverse auction bid event will be completed in less than an hour and often produces savings of between 5 and 25 percent.

    Click here for a detailed listing of E-Sourcing/Reverse Auction Categories

All of the tools listed above are integrated with our expansive supplier database.  We can assist you in finding the appropriate suppliers for your next procurement project or event. You will also have the ability to build your own custom supplier list and communicate with all of your suppliers directly from within our technology platform.

A World Leader In Reverse Auction Technology

Procurex has worked closely with our clients to constantly improve our technology platform, delivering what is one of the most advanced and feature rich tools in the reverse auction industry.

  • Allows for full flexibility in setting up auctions. Customized auctions to meet the needs of each individual purchase. No square pegs in a round hole, each event is customized for that events needs.
  • Unlimited number of user accounts, as well as ability to set up viewer only accounts as required.
  • Summary as well as detail level reporting at both event as well as agency wide level. This provides complete transparency as well as audit trail for each event conducted on the Procurex platform.
  • 24/7/365 Access to run auctions and download data.
  • Lead/Not Lead, Rank Order, Automatic Extensions, Final Blind Bids, Flex Lot bidding, and a myriad of other reverse auction features allow you to customize each event to the needs of the specific purchase, with Procurex lending expertise to your auction strategies to ensure you get the best possible results.
  • Encrypted login and password protected for secure data management. Procurex employs the latest in server security and hardened encryption to ensure that sensitive data is protected and secure.
  • Complete data control and security for both buyers and sellers and audit requirements.
  • Supplier list creation – this allows individual buyers to setup specific lists to their needs.
  • Standalone software as a solution (SAAS) platform that does not require any special software or hardware, a simple internet connection is all that is needed to access the Procurex platform.

See it in Action

If you would like to schedule a live demo of any of our strategic sourcing tools, please contact us at 1-866-412-7161, visit our contact page or complete our Procurement Project Questionnaire.

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