The people at the City of Philadelphia have been hard at work creating and installing upgrades to nearly every facet of their procurement procedures. Perhaps the most impressive improvement is the new bidding system. The days of lengthy bids in heavy boxes are gone.

Today, the city is able to handle bids through a bidding solution that performs like a “reverse eBay.” Philadelphia’s new procurement system uses an online platform that connects the city with a group of pre-screened sellers, competing to give the city the best price. (Actually, it’s more than just best price, it is best value.) Register today to learn how they captured savings like these:

  • Saved 46% on towels
  • Sourced recycling bins in 2017 at 2008 prices
  • Saved $100,000 on toilet paper in just a single transaction

Common Misconceptions:

We’ll address common misconceptions about reverse bidding (a.k.a. reverse auctions), illustrating the fact that they enable much more than price-only competition, can be used for a broad array of goods and services, are a familiar experience to most vendors, do not require an award to be made at the end, and provide savings on average of 18%.

Additional benefits and topics:

  • How the adoption of the “best value” approach ensures the best prices from the most qualified vendors,
  • How they improve support for minority, women and disabled-owned businesses.
  • How they opened the marketplace to more local businesses than ever before.

Featured Speakers:

  • Trevor Day, Procurement Commissioner at the City of Philadelphia
  • Bret Grady, CEO of Procurex