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Consider Procurex your veteran “adventure guide” to the reverse auction process. Equipped with more than 15 years of experience in the field, we scout out the destination - the best price for the goods or services you need. And we guide you throughout the entire event.

From the very beginning, applying our expertise and knowledge, we can step in to identify the appropriate goods; recruit and train vendors; manage the entire bidding process; and host the auction event itself.

Here are the six main steps in our process:

reverse auction process step 1

Opportunity Assessment

We help you find goods and services that you were going to buy anyway and that would be a good fit for a reverse auction. To do this, we look at the size of your past purchase categories, items that have already been purchased and contracts  that are coming up in the future.

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Specification Development

We’ll help you define your specifications in ways that work for reverse auctions. The thread count on linens, the performance characteristics of computers or the frequency of security foot patrols. By focusing on your requirements, vendors must meet your terms.

reverse auction process step 3

Vendor Management

Maybe you have a list of vendors in mind. Or, maybe you need to add more to the mix. We will help you identify potential vendors, pre-qualify them for you and train them on the reverse auction process and platform. By the time auction day arrives, they will know how to login, how to use the platform and exactly what to expect from the experience.  

reverse auction process step 4

Running the Bid process

We can manage the entire bid process on your behalf. We’ll post the bid in accordance with your guidelines, including a schedule of when, where and how vendors are to respond. During this phase, we also will ask vendors to submit an un-priced proposal. This is where you can start evaluating vendors on non-price factors such as service level, location or even available colors for a specific product.

reverse auction process step 5


On the day of the auction, our people host the online event for you. During the auction, we can be with you, physically on-site, or we can run it remotely. We manage everything, including technical support, any questions that may come up and any other detail to ensure a smooth event that nets you big savings.

reverse auction process step 6

Post Auction

After the auction, Procurex provides the buyer with a summary auction report, follows up with vendors to gather post-auction price details, answers outstanding vendor questions and helps finalize the contract between the buyer and the winning vendor.  

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