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Aviation Buyers Use Reverse Auctioning to Save Taxpayer Money

According to Charles Howerton, reverse auction program manager, DLA Acquisition, DLA Headquarters, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, the savings generated by reverse auctioning has been significant. Since DLA implemented it six years ago, Howerton said the savings to the government and ultimately the taxpayers, has been in excess of six billion dollars.

New Reverse Auction Platform

Procurex’s new platform is the most advanced reverse auction tool available.

RPI Case Study

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Mines Greater Cost Savings With Procurex


6 Reverse Auction Myths

Just price?
Only commodities?
Shooting down common objections

IT Playbook

Want to save $200,000 or more on your next IT purchase?
Reverse Auction for savings.

Top Reverse Auction Categories

“What can I source with a reverse auction?”  We can help you with that!

Data Sheets

Full-Service Reverse Auctions  – We understand your procurement challenges and how best to work with you, your internal stakeholders and your suppliers.

City Governments

What if you could drive down the costs of your already low state-negotiated contract prices?

Higher Education

What if you could get that better price from the most qualified vendor without creating extra work for your department?

K-12 School Systems

Procurex has worked with school systems to navigate funding cuts, teacher layoffs, and shoestring classroom budgets.

Exceptional Savings

We understand your procurement challenges, having worked with clients in a diverse set of industries for almost 15 years.


City of Philadelphia's New Bidding System

The people at the City of Philadelphia have been hard at work creating and installing upgrades to nearly every facet of their procurement procedures. Perhaps the most impressive improvement is the new bidding system. The days of lengthy bids in heavy boxes are gone.

Finding The Right Reverse Auction Category

Selecting the right category for a reverse auction event is the first step to getting a great result. Asking the right questions and understanding the nuances for a particular category can make all the difference in a reverse auction event. In this session, we will uncover the key questions you need to be asking in order to get this right and ensure that you are applying your reverse auction tools to the right categories.

You mean Reverse Auctions Work on More than Commodities?! Service Categories = Bigger Potential Savings

Even when price is not the only deciding factor, Reverse Auctions can be a powerful tool in your negotiation arsenal. Join us as we share why Reverse Auctions in service categories represent the biggest potential for cost savings.

Big savings for RPI with Reverse Auctions

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) has implemented several strategic procurement initiatives that have paid off handsomely over the years. One of the key initiatives has been the use of the reverse auctions for the procurement of various goods and service.

Why Technology Purchases Represent Some of the BEST Reverse Auction targets...warning IT Savings Ahead!

Strong competition among IT suppliers should be a purchasing advantage to you as the buyer...Reverse Auctions are one of your best tools to leverage this advantage. Join us as we welcome Ron Moraski, Director of Procurement Services at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as we explore why IT purchasing categories often represent the best savings opportunities via reverse auctions.

Reverse Auctions 101

Reverse Auctions 101 provides an opportunity to gain a solid foundation of what this strategic sourcing procurement tool can do for an organization, some of the common misconceptions of the practice and the power of bringing transparency to your procurement processes.

Debunking the '6 Most Common Myths' of Reverse Auctions

Through the years there have been plenty of tall tales told about reverse auctions...join us as we set the record straight about Reverse Auctions, what they are and most definitely what they are not!