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To keep an organization running today it is daunting the number of items IT is responsible for purchasing.

Quick-moving technological advances mean faster, better technology — and higher price tags. So, not only are organizations focused on getting the latest, greatest and fastest on the market, they also must ensure they’re securing the best price. With the massive demands put on IT professionals sometimes it is just easier to rely on the incumbent or strategic vendor.   Or, with unique or sole-sourced technology it may seem impossible to even attempt to negotiate.   These complex set off issues has worked in the vendors’ favor way too long.   If you look at the top 10 publicly traded technology companies, their gross profits average in excess of 60%.

But, there is a way to get fair prices and better IT products and services. Reverse auctions.

With a reverse auction run by Procurex, organizations can drill in on exactly what they need, creating a thorough bid document that weighs both price and non-price factors and ensures that only qualified vendors participate in the reverse auction event. Then, a web-based sourcing event lets vendors compete for your business by cutting their price every single time they bid. Procurex customers are saving millions on their IT needs.

Still don’t think it can be done? Then here’s your road map to major savings on your IT purchases.