6 reverse auction myths

Just price?
Only commodities?
Shooting down common objections

With reverse auctions, you get it all – great prices from qualified vendors, who meet every one of your non-price qualifications. And you can get pretty much anything you need.


reverse auction myths

When you search for products and services, you want the best price.


We get it.  But we know you want something more too.  Much more.

You insist on top credit ratings for any company you work with. You need to hire more local businesses and minority and women-owned vendors. You have a long list of specifications – whether it’s the color and size of trash can liners, the service level of security guards or the complex blueprints for computer hardware.

For many of our reverse auction clients, that list of non-price requirements can go on and on. And that’s no problem.

Reverse auctions bring a laser focus to procurement, offering the most efficient way to uncover the best price. It’s simply a web-based sourcing event where vendors compete for your business by dropping their price each time they bid. If you’re looking for the best deal, there’s really no better way to do it.

Still, even though reverse auctions have been held successfully for decades, we run into the same objections on a regular basis.

Download our Six Reverse Auction Myths – and discover why none of them are true.