“It’s Like Having a Personal Trainer to Save Money”

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Saves with Reverse Auctions from Procurex

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Mines Greater Cost Savings With Procurex

»  RPI already had an efficient and cost-saving RFP process. It also used consortia contracts where possible.

»  Leaders, however, knew there could be other ways to stretch their budget dollars even further.

»  RPI found Procurex through an E&I contract and was soon leveraging the reverse auction solution’s technology and world-class processes.

»  Today, Procurex is one of the most trusted tools in RPI’s procurement toolbox.

“The difference is the partnership. We would never buy our own reverse auction software. We’re never going to be the energy experts, never the IT experts, etc.  We don’t have to be.  We get it all from Procurex.”

Ron Moraski

Director of Procurement Services

Measurable, Meaningful Savings

RPI has saved more than $1 million on items sourced through Procurex.

Fleet Vehicles


Ink & Toner



off the EXISTING contract!



Laptop Computers


per year

More about laptop savings »

Security Services


per year

More about security services savings »

What Are the Benefits?

»  RPI’s team gets a boost with Procurex experts who step in as extra staff members before, during and after the auction event.

»  Only pre-qualified vendors compete for the school’s business, ensuring that the winning vendor meets all of RPI’s price and non-price requirements.

»  Competition during reverse auctions creates both price compression and cost savings.

»  Reverse auctions are not just for commodities. Savings are achieved on both goods and services.

More than price-only competition

Full support for local, veteran, and MWBE considerations.

Can be used for more than just commodities.

You do not have to award to the lowest-priced vendor.


You don’t have to award at all.

Apply weights and scores to the sourcing process just like a traditional RFP.

Simply ensure you get the best price from the most qualified vendors.

Reverse Auctions with Procurex


Familiar Process

The process is quite similar to RFPs or bid templates, but without the pricing component.

Better Cost Savings

During reverse auctions, the savings opportunity comes into full view as vendors drop their prices with each bid.


Procurex makes it easy for your team by providing the expertise and people to run the entire process for you.


Not only will Procurex run your event, our people also can identify appropriate goods and services for your next reverse auction and recruit new vendors to auctions, increasing the competition and your cost savings.

“Working with Procurex versus having our own software is like having a personal trainer versus a treadmill.  Only one of them is there, invested in your success and actively working with you to achieve your goals.”

Ron Moraski

Director of Procurement Services, RPI

What About the Vendors?

Vendors get full transparency into market rates for their goods and services. No other sourcing event provides this value to vendors.

What Reverse Auctions are in RPI's Future?

  • Mobile Computing Program (Laptops)
  • Air Conditioning Project
  • Course Paper
  • Public Safety Vehicles
  • Residential Cleaning Services

What Advice Does RPI Have for Other Procurement Professionals?

  • It’s more than just the software. With Procurex, you get the service and expertise to go along with it.
  • They are invested in your success. Procurex is your personal trainer to savings.
  • When it comes to uncovering big savings, Procurex is the expert. When you rely on them, you will lock down the best price from the vendor that meets all of your needs.

“Procurex makes us look good!”

~ Ron Moraski
Director of Procurement Services, RPI

Story of Savings

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