Documents to help you make the most out of your reverse auction experience.


6 Reverse Auction Myths

Just price?
Only commodities?
Shooting down common objections

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IT Playbook

Want to save $200,000 or more on your next IT purchase?
Reverse Auction for savings.

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Top Reverse Auction Categories

“What can I source with a reverse auction?”  We can help you with that!


Data Sheets

Full-Service Reverse Auctions  – We understand your procurement challenges and how best to work with you, your internal stakeholders and your suppliers.

City Governments

What if you could drive down the costs of your already low state-negotiated contract prices?

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Higher Education

What if you could get that better price from the most qualified vendor without creating extra work for your department?

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K-12 School Systems

Procurex has worked with school systems to navigate funding cuts, teacher layoffs, and shoestring classroom budgets.

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Exceptional Savings

We understand your procurement challenges, having worked with clients in a diverse set of industries for almost 15 years.

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City of Philadelphia's New Bidding System

The people at the City of Philadelphia have been hard at work creating and installing upgrades to nearly every facet of their procurement procedures. Perhaps the most impressive improvement is the new bidding system. The days of lengthy bids in heavy boxes are gone.

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